The 12 New Haircuts and Hairstyles Trends for the Autumn-Winter 2018!

New haircuts and hairstyles trends for autumn-winter 2018 have arrived! Haircuts and hairstyles for all tastes! Proposals for long and short hair, and more bold and more suggestions. As women, we like the changes and especially with regard to our hair.

Since is always in the mood of fashion, it shows you the new hair trends that we will see in the autumn and winter of 2018.

What are the Hair Trends for Autumn / Winter 2018

Natural Hair Length

Leave your hair free. No filleting, no noses. Absolutely falling on your shoulders. If you are one of the women who do not like their hair, this is your time this year. Give your hair a chance to show off your character as it is. It’s one of the biggest trends for the winter of 2018!

Natural Long Hair Length

Wet Look

I know the wet look may not be your favorite, but this year is one of the favorite trends. Painted hair and behind the ears. This year’s difference in wet look is that fashion is more relaxing pulling on the hair and lighter styling. Are you ready to try it out?

Wet Hair Styling For Spring Autumn

Bright Hair Colors

Of my favorite trends for 2018! Bright colors, fluorescent shades and full of creativity. There is no taboo in hair color. Blue electric, pink, yellow and what else do you mind! Do not forget to moisturize your hair with a mask after bathing, because it will need it after a demanding color!

Strong hair colors

Light Curls

The summer curls may have been more stylish. but in autumn and winter, things are as relaxed as you have. A lightweight curl, almost natural… if your wool is in itself – is your winter choice.

Light Fashion Curls

Very Short Haircut Frames

The fashion in the frame keeps well and especially for this year as short as the more in-fashion. A haircut that we have seen in many models already and which gives the necessary femininity and freshness that every woman wants. But beware of the length! The perfect short frame reaches the height of the ear lobe.

Short Haircut Frames

Braids Hairstyle

Yes for this autumn-winter we have braids. And what braids! To catch all the head and end up at the edges. We would say that it is the hairstyle of the warrior as she catches all the hair and ends up in a braid of a seagull. First and Best in Greece, we saw Laura Narges when she turned from the Survivor. Start knitting, then!

Braids Hairstyles with Combing braids boxer for Spring Summer

Ribbons / Headbands

Ribbons and headbands for the winter that comes to us. They have loved these accessories in the past and love seems to be one and they have returned. Whether it’s a scarf or a simple ribbon is perfect as long as it combines well with your outfit. You can also choose a sports headband for the gym. She goes everywhere, try it!

Headbands Hair Fall Winter By Elie Saab

Wool Bowl

The hairstyle of the 90s has returned and has been of great interest. It’s the so-called haircut bowl and it will go awfully to women with bold features on their face. An androgynous haircut that also delivers femininity and prestige.

Trendy fashion hair accessories in the 90s in the declension of a simple ribbon around the neck suggesting a casual revival accessory.

The Grunge look

The most subversive and alternative proposal for 2018. A rather peculiar look would be that we need to have a great personality to support it. The grunge look or the look of the rock like I would say, it adds the messy wet look, the irregularly wrinkled wool, and the absolutely mellow haircut. Revolutionary, youthful and fresh proposal for 2018!

Combing Rock With Treccina Hairstyles By EVOS Fall Winter Collection

Special Horsetails

I forgot the very high ponytails and generally the classic ponytails. Think out of the box and create it. Very low with the appropriate accessories for a more romantic look and totally relaxed for the day. Do not worry about having the perfect tress since the more messy, the more fashionable!

Ponytail Hairstyles with Beautiful Hair Clips Accessories

Sparkling Hair

Because this year’s natural wool is what most designers prefer, we also say in wool. If she has natural curls, leave them free and do not tease them. As thick or as sparse as you love them and show them. We say yes to the so-called alpha and have fun with its playful style.

Daisy Ridley Shoulder Height Curls Haircuts