5 Ways To Pamper Your Feet In The Summer!

Cracked heels and blisters on the legs are the classic problems. We face in the summer and make us feel very uncomfortable. when we wear our shoes. You may not be as busy as your body and lower limbs in the winter, but now it’s time to pamper your feet!

It is not enough just to paint the toenails of your feet to look more groomed and beautiful. Equally important, both for the appearance and health of your legs, is to make sure that they are always smooth and gentle when they start and peel in the summer from the heat.

But how can you take care of your own care at home? without having to book a pedicure appointment with your nail artist?

How to treat your feet alone at home!

Soften dry skin with chamomile

What’s more classic when the heat is caught is that we feel the skin on our feet getting dry. That’s why the shoes are closed and, of course, they sweat our feet. But the same happens when we wear sandals and we walk for several hours in the heat.


So to soften your skin you should take care of the night before sleeping. you put your feet in a basin of hot water and 3 to 5 tablespoons of chamomile tea for 20 minutes. But make sure you first leave the chamomile for 10 minutes. and then leave all the nutrients for the skin in the water.

Then, hydrate your skin and put on your socks to sleep with them.

Eliminate The Kelp With Baking Soda.

Baking soda is a natural exfoliating but has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. To use it, add 3 tablespoons in your bathtub after filling it with hot water. Leave it in the water to soak for 15 minutes and then rub your feet with a pumice stone.

When finished, rinse it with lukewarm water and use a moisturizer.

Summer Feet beauty tips

She Cured The Blisters With Apple Cider

Using chana Plast to avoid blisters from rubbing on your shoes. is certainly effective, but it is best to use apple tree.

This vinegar has strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. and helps to relieve pain and healing of blisters. All you have to do is put a generous quantity on a piece of cotton and dabble with that bubbles.

Minoxidime Properties

Relax your aching legs with hot and cold water.

To relieve your feet after a difficult day. you only have to fill a bowl of hot water and a second with cold water but not cold. So put your feet first in the warm water for 2-3 minutes. and then in the cold for about 15 seconds.

Relax Your Legs With Hot And Cold Water

She repeated this alternation for two more times. and finally swam in lukewarm water for about 5 minutes.

Treat The Cracked Heels With Vegetable Oils

First, you have to do a foot bath with lukewarm water and salt and rub your heels with a pumice stone. After rinsing and letting them dry, spread any vegetable oil, such as sunflower, olive oil or coconut oil, and put on cotton socks for 2 hours or even better for the evening.

Cracked Heel Grooming

Follow the same procedure every day until you feel that your heels are softened and are still soft.