How And Where To Apply Perfume Fragrances Correctly 9 Of The Rules

Before you argue, where and how much to put perfume, remember how our sense of smell. The molecules of the fragrance of aroma spray fall into the nose – on the receptors of the olfactory epithelium, which send a signal to the brain. A brain recognizes this information as a particular smell.

After some time, adhering to the receptor molecule disappears, freeing other aromatic molecules. At low concentrations of solute molecules bind to most cognate receptors. At high – fall and less suitable receptors: because there are extraneous effects, and many fragrances can smell is not particularly pleasant.

How Our Sense Of Smell

How And Where To Apply Perfume Fragrances – Rules

1. splashing from a spray, keep in mind: minimum concentration of flavor attractive to others. A haunting perfume trail can sometimes cause irritation.

2. The more spirits cause, so stop feeling fragrance faster. This is called olfactory fatigue: over time we become less susceptible to the constant smell even the most enjoyable and loved. And the quickest way to get used to those that does not pose a risk or interest.

3. Normally perfume sprayed onto the neck. But if you apply the fragrance close to the nose, the particles are constantly exposed to, and the receptors quickly get tired. To feel your scent last longer, apply it further from the nose – on the back of your hands and wrists.

4. A good option for summer – apply perfume between the blades. The smell will be felt only in the movement, and smell has time to fully recover. Long retains the flavor and moist skin if you apply perfume after a shower over moisturizer or body milk.

5. The field behind the ears. As wrists, these areas are very popular for applying perfume. In these places, the ideal conditions for heating and evaporation of fragrances. The only thing that is important to consider – decoration. Some of the stones and materials in earrings can change under the influence of perfumes.

6. The back of the neck. In this zone, the aroma is preserved for a long time and still sounds easily and unobtrusively, without annoying others.

7. The inner surface of the elbow. There are really large veins, so the conditions for applying the perfume are even better than on the wrists.

8. The rear surface of knees. If you like short dresses and skirts, you can put your favorite perfume behind the knees, there, too, are the veins, carrying the hot blood streams. Heat perfume evaporates, and air currents rise up, which is always hotter than the bottom.

9. Longer than the skin, keep the smell on their clothes and hair. There’s also longer sound initial flavor notes that are on the skin disappear in the very first minute.

Hair retains odors stronger and longer than the skin, but you need to comply with the measure and some caution because perfumes contain alcohol, which can damage the hair. To minimize harm to our hair, you can use special fragrances by hair or apply perfume on the brush and then comb her hair.

How To Properly Apply Fragrances