The Best Anti-Cellulite Plants To Defeat Orange Peel

Cellulite, orange peel, capsules … there is no lack of words to denote the sworn enemy of many women, regardless of their weight. Among the methods to eliminate the pimples, anti-cellulite plants can be an effective supplement. How do they act against the orange peel effect?

Here is what you concoct the best anti-cellulite herbal teas to defeat the captions!

You’ve included anti-cellulite foods at all of your meals, you take a time to do anti-pad messages, but have you thought about the power of plants to fight cellulite?

Adapted to the type of cellulite that concerns you, they are a very good way to make capital capitulate!

What type of plant depends on its type of cellulite?

If almost all women are affected by cellulite, no matter what their weight, size or skin type, there are different forms of cellulite.

Consumed in anti-cellulite teas or seeds, plants can act against adipose cellulite, due to excess fat, and against aqueous cellulite, due to water retention.

When you have aqueous cellulite, you have to bet on draining plants, which promote better circulation and eliminate toxins. As for adipose cellulite, it is fought with burning fat plants.

Draining plants to say bye-bye to cellulite

Aqueous cellulite is characterized by a sensation of heavy legs, due to problems of circulation of blood and lymph fluids in the body. Faced with this, only one solution: drain, drain, drainer!

  • The artichoke

Thanks to its high content of cynarine, an active ingredient that facilitates the digestion and elimination of toxins, the artichoke is a very good draining plant.

  • Orthosiphon or “Java Tea”

Rich in flavonoids, the draining virtues of this plant make it the anti-cellulite reflex n ° 1.

  • Spirulina

This alga has both a detoxifying and firming action!


  • The Queen of

Its richness in potassium salts makes this little flower the queen of detox.

  • The red vine

The red vine restarts the lymphatic circulation: with it, more heavy legs!

  • The cherry tail

In infusion, its richness in flavonoids makes it an excellent diuretic.

Anti-Cellulite Plants That Help Burn Fat

Adipose cellulite, due to too much storage of fat in cells, is the most widespread. Besides heredity, it is often due to a diet too fat.

To combat it, in addition to a balanced diet, it is necessary to bet on the following plants:

  • Guarana

Guarana seeds are very rich in caffeine, which promotes lipolysis and fat degradation. They also act directly against water retention.

  • The Quackgrass

This bitter plant acts upstream to facilitate digestion and prevent the dermis by limiting the storage of fat.

  • Green Tea

The most popular detox drink, green tea helps to eliminate water. But it also allows evacuating the lipids accumulated in the fat cells.

  • The nettle

Nettle is a double agent on which to count: it allows both to limit the storage of fat in the fat cells AND has to improve the circulation of fluids thanks to its remineralizing virtues!

Attention, plants may be natural treatments, they are not harmless. To know the doses and the frequency of consumption adapted to your body, ask the advice of a doctor.