20 Ideas For Braided Hairstyles For Medium Hair In 2018

Evening hairstyles, hairstyles to go to the office, braids, and half-tails … To inspire you, here are 2 ideas of hairstyles for semi-long hair.

Have medium length hair, the perfect combination of the pop allure of a square and the classic look of long hair.

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To keep the hair loose, it’s perfect. It only gets complicated when you get a hairstyle!

Mid-length hair is too short to make a ponytail or a high bun without using pins. So few follies are possible.

But there is nothing to be alarmed: it is always possible to be original and follow the trendy hairstyle.

Buns, braids, side-hair … Find 20 ideas for hairstyles medium length hair.

Hairstyles for semi-long hair: braids

The braids are a basic hairstyle for all hair lengths, but they can be reinterpreted all the sauces.

You can decorate a side-hair of one or more braids stuck. You can also opt for a headband braid or a crown braid.

If you’re feeling the brave mood, you can even try the total braided look: the skull covered with glued braids together in a Ponytail-tail bass.

Hairstyles for semi-long hair: half-tails

With semi-long hair, you can not get a ponytail or a high bun, unless you bathe your hair in gel or get intoxicated with lacquer!

Choose the baby grand or even half a bun! Here again, the possibilities are great and leave room for the imagination.

A classic baby grand with elastic can be the start of a spike braid.

Avoid the tight half bun of the classic dancer. Start with this idea, then make it a little looser to the fingers, gently pulling the strands of hair out of the bun.

To your combs, ready, headdress!


21. Side-Hair Braided

The Side-Hair Braided Bucked With Wavy Hair Look