Casual Hairstyles For A Chic And Youthful Look + Tails And Braids

If you want a more youthful look and chic at the same time, then do not waste these casual hairstyles ideas. A perfect way to be fashionable. As we already know all wearing more casual styles. Lag behind hairstyles well arranged. Today we say welcome to disheveled.

Therefore casual hairstyles are those based on the classics. A perfect way to comply ideas but always with a modern flair. If you do not know what type of hairdo to choose, seeing these examples, certainly enlighten you.

Very simple casual hairstyles

The simplicity in terms of hair styles is very important. Without it, we would not know what to do. I, therefore, propose to track these hairstyle ideas very special that can be done very easily.

Tails and braids

When I think of one of the most worn casual hairstyles, braids come to mind. Together with them, queues are best friends. So I selected a combination thereof. On the one hand, a hairdresser side composed of a tail spike. To achieve it, you can leave some bangs, twist a strand at the top and finish with braid itself.

If you like the combination of braided tail and then you do the right thing. The first time a braided departing root will join the final queue. Thus, casual and youthful appears, because, in the end, you have a very simple hairdo and modern at the same time. Both one and the other are ideas that can be combined with various kept.

Simple Casual Tails And Braids Hairstyles

Hairstyles semi-attached

The casual style also appears when semi-caught hairstyles. They will be comfortable that basis that we like so much in our daily routine. At the same time, it is not surprising that we can combine them with a party dress. They can be worn what we kept. So I will start with a presentation of hairdressing semi-attached braided ear.

To give a casual note, remember that weave itself does not have to be perfect, it can even be highlighted at the bottom. Also a quick hairdo, it just takes a few minutes, caught and semi-classical styling. Separate the two strands of the front and rear pinch them with a big bow. Try these strands are not very close.

Semi Attached Low Hairstyles

Low Hairstyles

Hairstyles and lows are protagonists. You can do a bake simple, in a classical manner, with its free strands. You wonderful although this first case we opted for a new mat. It will decorate the top of the bun. Ideally, you should do one of both sides and joined them. But try to hide their heads with several clips.

The other part of hair will catch in a queue and you do it based on the bun. In the second image appears just a hair tight in a bun. Try to create a more casual and flee from classic chignon dancer perfect. At least, to achieve the casual and chic we talked. Remember that because of imperfection will succeed to create a more modern look. The strands must be free of both sides of the face and bangs. Certainly this way, your hairstyle will have more personality. What do you think about casual hairstyles? Which would you prefer?