What Does Your Character Look Like According To The Shoes You Wear!

Obviously, every man’s shoes declare things about his character. You may not have noticed it but much can be said from the shoes you choose to wear. So there are seven things they say about you.

It sounds, of course, like a myth, as the one who says our lifetime is determined by the line in our palm. However, many features are based on the truth. So, our shoes tell us a lot about our character and personality.

Shoes and Character Go Together!

1. Goves

Obviously, you are the women who like to attract attention. Your self-confidence is enviable. But when the time comes to get dressed for an exit, it is difficult to decide what to wear depending on the occasion. But you always end up in your favorite goves.


2. Ballerinas

You love the reality. For you, the comfort is equal to the style. Productive and honest, you do not cheer at all your words. It would be foolish for those around you not to appreciate your stylistic views. So you have these ballerina flats in every possible color, in each fabric, and in each motif.

Ballerina Flats

3. Moccasins and Oxfords

Shoes that have recently come to the fore. Women either loved or hated them. If you belong to the first category, then your moccasins are worn from morning till night, they are timeless pieces and draw attention. You have a creative spirit, you are quite independent, and you do not hesitate to do things yourself, both in work and in style.

Moccasins and Oxfords Shoes

4. Boots

There is no shoe in the world that you think is better than a pair of boots. So you are social, you like travels and you know two things more to show off your epic s-ex. Your only defect? You do not have much space in your wardrobe!

Wardrobe Boots

5. Flip Flops

You are this girl who wears flip flops everywhere, always and with everything. The one who has every day and flip flops. She who insists are the most comfortable shoes in the world. You are a girl who wants to feel comfortable in any situation if you are. But here we are called flip flops is not the right pair to go out for a drink.

Flip Flops

6. Sports Shoes

You are constantly on the move, so nothing is more ideal than your sports shoes. Make you feel comfortable from morning work in town until afternoon walk. So you are a person who loves comfort and style, as your shoes fill many wardrobes.

But beware! Many non-native sports do not have the right leg specifications. The result is to create orthopedic problems. Make your savings and invest in a good sports couple!

Sports Shoes

7. Platforms

You are a girl who likes to “confuse” the styles and to be sure about your shoe. This certainty results from the safety of the high platform. You have a closet filled with such couples that fit perfectly with the reality you love. Besides, you are a great fan of fashion and that’s what it looks like!

High Platforms Shoes

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