7 Destinations That Put You In The Mood For Christmas Where To Spend The Holidays Of The End Of The Year

Where to go on holiday at the end of the year holidays? Here are 7 exotic destinations to put in a Christmas atmosphere.

Time flies and you still have not booked your holiday season? If this year you decided to host the family meal and take your backpack to discover a new destination as a couple, family, friends or solo, the editorial offers a selection of places that will make you dream from your office chair or your sofa. Change of scenery guaranteed! Pack your bags and plan warm clothes because you are heading to the far north for a holiday atmosphere.


7. Iceland for nature fans

The fjords, the northern lights, the midnight sun, the hot springs, the glaciers, the fauna, and flora … If you like the big white spaces, the calm, nature, and the breathtaking landscapes, the Iceland is the perfect destination for a holiday break. This polar atmosphere will be ideal for Christmas Eve. In addition, Santa Claus does not live very far…