This Happens To Your Body, During A Crash Diet

15 kilos in 4 weeks. The desire of anyone who starts a crash diet. The pounds should tumble as fast as possible and that best without exercise and without starvation.

To get fit for the bikini quickly or to fit into the bridesmaid dress at the last minute, you do a lot for your body. As the saying goes, if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer.

Crash Diet
To anyone who wants to crash diet: Read through what she does to your body. ©PIXPOP/INSTAGRAM

But what happens to the body during a radical diet?

Crash Diet: This happens to your body

The first 12 hours after the start

The first 12-18 hours the body prepares for starvation mode and uses as much of its stored energy as possible (glycogen).

24 Hours

Since the energy stores are reduced due to the lack of energy, the cortisol level increases. As a result, the body absorbs more water and becomes more “bloated” and less lean.

In addition, the body drives everything down to keep the core temperature stable (non-motion activity thermogenesis). You start to feel cold.

48 Hours

The energy stores of the body are now completely exhausted. And because the body can not distinguish between food shortages and hunger, it slows down the metabolism to save energy and stores fat reserves.

72 Hours

The metabolism is now so slow that it hardly burns more calories.

Since the metabolism has been reduced and the body now prefers to store fat (fat has more energy), it burns lean tissue, which mainly consists of muscle. In addition, adrenaline secretion is reduced when thyroid function is impaired. Means: one feels mentally and physically exhausted.

1 Week

In the first few weeks, at least 50 percent of the weight loss is muscle mass (which you really DO NOT want to lose). In addition, the body loses important nutrients such as protein, B12, iron. The result: the immune system, mental abilities, and overall health will be severely impaired.

The thoughts will turn from now on only about food. In addition, you will suffer from food cravings, as appetizing hormones build up in the system.

1 Month

If you’ve been through it for so long, you’re now a moody, ticking time bomb. The appetite hormones are out of control. You’re always in a bad mood.

In addition, you will have had some bingeing at this time, where you ate EVERYTHING, what you found.

6 Months

After six months of crash diet, the metabolism and health are irreparably damaged.

After losing most of the muscle mass, the body will be a fat-absorbing machine, as the priority is to replenish the energy stores. Our body has good memory fat cells, and the original body fat levels can be reached much faster and in many cases surpassed after a crash diet.

The result: The yo-yo effect occurs.

Conclusion after 6 months crash diet:

  • A reduced metabolism.
  • A higher probability of developing blood sugar diseases like diabetes.
  • You now store fat more efficiently.
  • The muscle mass is very low and affects the health, body composition, posture, and self-confidence.
  • The relationship with food is disturbed.
  • You probably lost some friends and you live isolated.