Find Your Dress Style With Your Body Type 6 Simple Tips!

Every woman is different and her dress is distinguished by her personality and taste. Find your style with the ten simple tips I show you and highlight the best features of your body and style.

Through the steps below you will learn some tips to help you take advantage of your strengths to the fullest extent possible. From the shape of your body to the style of clothing you will learn to dress according to your personality.

Dress Style With Your Body Type

Find your personal style in 6 simple steps

6Body type

One of the most important parameters you should not neglect is knowing your body. To see that you have to look after your body type.

Round or apple: For you who have a more rounded body, prefer to highlight the top of your body with V cuts on the jerseys and jackets in a close line. The wide sleeves fit perfectly into you, as do the dresses with rags that camouflage the abdomen. Floral designs are ideal for you who love the intense prints and colors.

Pear: This body type has a thin trunk and waist and several wider thighs. You can choose dark tall pants that make your body look impressive. You have a beautiful trunk, so you can show him a neckline in your t-shirts and a 3/4 sleeve, as well as with intense prints and textures. For skirts, they preferred those in A-line and the high waist that falls ideally on your body and makes it look thinner.


One of the feminine body shapes, one that has a large chest and a flesh and a noticeably thinner waist. Ideal dresses for you that highlight your delicate waist and gently fall on curves in more A-lines that give femininity to a romantic tone. Sweatshirts with the open décolleté suit you great as they highlight the top of the body. The pants have no restrictions, from skinny lines to pants, all fit you. Just pick your favorite and impress at every exit.

Athletic – no curves: If your body belongs to this category, that is more sporty and impossible, you can choose clothes that give a sense of curve to your body. T-shirts and dresses fit in with wavy details that give a sense of volume at the bottom. Still, low waist clothes are ideal for you as well as intense designs that give you depth and intensity in the body.