With These Flat Shoes You Dance The Whole Night Through

Are high shoes too uncomfortable for you? No problem! These flat alternatives look at least as sexy.

The holidays are drawing ever closer and with them the season of high heels. Because: chic outfits become even more stylish with their high and filigree footwear. At least that’s the general assumption. These four models are guaranteed the exception. Here are flat alternatives to dance the night through:

1. Ballerinas with laces

Whether for skinny jeans, a culotte or the A-line dress: Lace-up ballerinas enhance every basic outfit and give it a style upgrade. If it gets too cold in the winter for the models, we have another tip: Since they are so nice flat, they can simply be put in the bag. After the party so just swap for winter boots – done!

Happy Saturday everyone! 😊

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2. Flats

Flats are usually characterized by a similar cut as Pumps have him. The only difference is the missing paragraph, which makes it more comfortable, but no less noble. Particularly elegant models with tapering tip; it is striking with the pattern or material mix.

3. Budapest

The laced up Budapest in bright or metallic colors is also for party nights a perfect companion for those who do not feel like heels and still want to stand out with their shoes. They look particularly attractive in figure-hugging clothing, such as a leather mini or a tight dress.

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4. Strappy ballerinas

Strappy ballerinas have been in fashion for some time now.

Their plus: The filigree straps give you more grip than in classic ballerinas. The playful detail on the foot makes the shoes look delicate and sexy at the same time, as this look proves.

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