Get Ready, H & M Launches Nyden, A New Brand Of Clothes

In early 2018, the H & M group will launch Nyden, its new clothing brand for millennials with a different concept. Elise gives you some information on this mysterious brand.

Changing the year means for many: launching new projects.

And it’s not H & M who will tell us the opposite! In 2017, the Swedish group has already opened several stores of the Arket brand in England and Europe.

If the latter focuses on a certain Swedish way of life and timeless clothing (and not given) H & M will launch this year Nyden, a clothing brand for millennials that deserves to look at its concept.

Nyden, the affordable luxury brand of H & M Group

Before going any further, I make a linguistic parenthesis. Nyden is a contraction between two Swedish words “NY” and “den”, which mean “new” and “that”.

Its logo is a slash: / and is described by the group as a luxury brand at accessible prices, without giving us a concrete idea. This suspense!

Beyond being challenged by this funny oxymoron, I’m telling myself: fortunately, the brand is not called slash, we would have found ourselves in the same embarrassment as the release of the last album Julien Doré (titled & as a reminder).

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Nyden’s logo is enough to summarize the concept of the brand.

Indeed, it will not follow traditional fashion calendars or trends but will work on a system of collaborative collections with “chiefs and tribal chieftains”, who have a universe and a community.

The first two names to participate are the tattoo artist Doctor Who and the Swedish actress Noomi Rapace.

Refinery 29 specifies that the outings of collections will be in limited edition and that the prices will vary according to the peculiarities of the article (as opposed to certain products whose prices are aligned with H & M for example).

I am unable to give you an opening date for the moment, but on my side, I signed up for the newsletter on the site of the brand.

What do you think of Nyden’s concept? Give me your opinion in the comments!

/ Nyden: H & M Group Launches New Millenial Brand

Affordable luxury dedicated to millennials: this is the promise of / Nyden, a new label just launched by the H & M group. We tell you everything about this brand that should soon enter our dressing rooms.

Addicted to H & M, a fan of Monki, addict to & Other Stories, get ready. The Swedish group will launch in early 2018 a new brand that may well talk about it. Baptized / Nyden, the sign for millennials will offer pieces qualified as “accessible luxury”. While breaking the rules: the brand does not intend to follow trends, seasons or the fashion calendar.

/ Nyden reinvents the rules

“The power is now in the hands of the tribes,” says Oscar Olsson, who has been with H & M since 2013 and now at the head of / Nyden, in the New York Times magazine. For him, the days when designers and homes dictate trends for everyone are over. Henceforth, everyone creates his style according to his tastes and affinities, according to the “tribe” to which he belongs.

The pieces will then be available in larger or smaller quantities online or in pop-ups. The tattoo sensation of Instagram Doctor Who and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace have already agreed to launch their collection. Patience, the first collections should be available very soon.