Haircut & Hairstyles Fall Winter 2018: The Glamour Of The Headband Declinations

The classic haircut helmet to wear flat or slightly moved along to the shoulders or to chin height remains trendy hairstyles to show off in style during the season autumn-winter 2017-2018, giving shape to the very flexible interpretations, marked by a femininity full of character and capable of expressing the personality of each woman.

Bob haircut autumn winter 2018

Hair look that allows you to mix a taste vintage and contemporary

Trendy Haircut & Hairstyles Fall Winter

There are so many interpretations of this hair look that allow you to mix together a vintage style and contemporary style, room for the headband declinations climbed with curls that touch her neck with rounded tips that are projected within this styling you can be combined by a fringe forelock cut marched.

Among the more glamorous alternatives midi bob there are several minimal chic interpretations can experience on straight hair, who likes to change often look can opt for a medium cut graduated or slightly pulled to the front, with strands that rest freely on the shoulders, this long bob goes well with long and dense fringe to bring some ‘open at the front, you can adapt this hair look also move slightly in version to give greater dynamism to the foliage.

Medium haircuts autumn winter

For the cold season, you can try the helmet scaled and moved with subtle waves and dynamic or flat that give shape to a slight volume that focuses on lengths, alternatively, you can create a vintage version of the headband realizing the fold to slightly move the strands giving the cut a sophisticated allure.

People who love the bon ton style can point during the cold season autumn winter 2017-2018 on a strict helmet bold colors and fluxes and cut marched to the sides in order to enhance various lengths from markedly different thickness, this hair look can be brought a full and straight fringe that enhances the look or with a fringe tufts from the jaunty mood.