Haircuts Fall Winter 2017 Collection: Cut And Color Evos

The new EVOS haircuts For fall winter 2017 collection is called “Patchwork”. A hairstyles collection by changing mood that they share the rock spirit and rebellious mood.

Military style elements are mixed with other calls from the Baroque and aristocrats with the aim of creating a common thread between present and past.

As well as for the tailoring canons fashion that sees a mix & match by matching materials and trends, even for hair the hairstyles EVOS play with our look proposing maxi’s style volumes ’80 , gathered effect disheveled , fringe suitable for both straight hair that curls and to take with full or side volume, slightly climbing.

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There are also details that they see once again the braids in the foreground, is if you want to make a rock mood. if you want to be more romantic with a pair of braids, that fall on the shoulders of the bohemian mood.

Following the trends in hair fashion autumn winter 2017, the Patchwork collection of EVOS proposes scaling decided on all long haircuts, medium and short for a natural styling made this even by the tones they see mélange colors and effects color block. But we get into detail!

As for the long haircuts you may notice a British flavor, they see the triumph scaling designed to give volume to the top of the hair, leaving the ends free.

The average cut proposed is the shag, which stems from a mix given by strict scaling along with a mood rock, 80’s style that despite the opposition create a perfect union also thanks to the thick fringe that gives a touch of style. But also the Bob Medium glamorous allure is proposed to create movement and climbed with fringe. For the average cut is used the color therapeutic Chromystery that depth, body, and shine and the color Block from the obvious color contrast but at the same time elegant.

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Really chic is instead the short haircut fall winter 2017 proposed by EVOS. Rock from the soul should strictly bring with effect disheveled; the Kaleido Blonde, ie shades ranging from honey blonde to ash, through the sand is the hair color used for a sophisticated and intriguing result.

Following the hair trends in autumn winter fashion 2017, the Patchwork collection of EVOS proposes scaling decided on all haircuts,long ,medium and short for a natural styling made this even by the tones. they see mélange colors and color block effects.

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