How To Do The Brow: Easy To Pluck And Refill Eyebrows

They not only frame our face but also protect our eyes from sweat, dust and other foreign bodies. For so much responsibility our eyebrows should be rewarded. #EyebrowsOnFleek #EyebrowsOnPoint or #EyebrowGameStrong. Feely whole Instagram is devoted to good looking eyebrows.

Whether in the beauty feed of Anastasia Beverly Hills or on sites such as Browgame with over 700 thousand followers, the Eyebrow Madness has reached a new level. But how do you get such perfect eyebrows? Either you can look at the next brow bar, BenefitOffers such, and spend a lot of money. Or you can do it with these five simple steps at home easily and become a brow-pro.

Cut and Pluck

The perfect eyebrows begin with the right shape. Use a pair of scissors and tweezers to create them. If you want to shorten your eyebrow hairs, you’ll comb it up and cut the surplus. Thick, thin, rounded or with a high arc, your taste counts. But be careful: pluck only one hair at a time.

Too many in one move can quickly lead to an undesirable form. With a little more practice you will have a sense of how much you should pluck. For the first time, you should take a step backward after each plucking and look at your face with a little more distance in the mirror.

Finding Eyebrow Products For Your Eyebrows

The Padding

Finding eyebrow products is nowadays as easy as seeing fruit in the supermarket. The choice of the right color is tricky. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to consult. The products for filling are found in the form of pen, powder or gel form. After trying all the variants, I find it hard to choose a way. This is really true of your own feelings.

Whether pen, powder or gel, I prefer to catch it down at the eyebrow and draw a line toward the eyebrow arch. This line I blind out into the remaining brow without applying more color. I make the top of the eyebrow. If you want it to be thicker, you can now change the thickness using an eyebrow pencil. Browse are usually somewhat thinner and less full. I personally like to paint this area as well. In a light, bouncy movements, you achieve a natural fullness. In general, you should work with a light hand while painting. The more intense you are, the more unnatural your eyes will look.

Powder, Wax or Pencil for Your Eyebrows You Have A Lot Of Choices.
Powder, Wax or Pencil for Your Eyebrows You Have A Lot Of Choices.

The Finishing Touch

Once your eyebrows are plucked and filled, you are ready to conquer the world. If you’re still looking for the finishing touch, grab your concealer or a toned wax. With this, you surround your eyebrows and blindly cover it. This gives you a clean and neat looking eyebrow.

If you follow all steps, you and your dream brow no longer stand in your way. And remember, if both brows do not look the same. Au women are sisters and not twins!