Keds Wedding Sneakers X Kate Spade: The Prettiest Alternative To High-End Bridal Shoes

Painful feet are pretty much the last thing you need. This is especially true for the most beautiful day of your life: the wedding keds wedding sneakers. After all, as a bride, you want to dance the night away with your loved one and your wedding guests.

The Prettiest Alternative To High-End Bridal Shoes
Do not feel like aching feet on the best day of your life? Then the bridal sneaker collection from Keds and Kate Spade is made for you.
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If you are looking for the perfect shoes for all the brides you can stop the search. For the US labels, Keds and Kate Spade now have a wedding sneaker collection at the start. How cool is that, please?

Bride Sneaker Collection by Keds x Kate Spade

The 30-piece collection consists of well-known Keds sneaker styles such as “Champion” and “Triple Decker“, which now come along with pearls, crystals, flowers and glittering finishes trimmed in silver, gold and rose gold on the wedding.

Anyone who would normally use high heels to visually stretch the leg, or cheat a few inches taller, will love the plateau version of the sneakers.

And to be honest, wearing Jimmy Choos under a long wedding dress without anyone seeing her is a mortal sin anyway.

Cool & chic: The Keds Wedding Sneaker Collection x Kate Spade

Priced are the wedding sneakers between the equivalent of 65 and 95 euros – because you can just throw a round of Keds x Kate Spades for all! Even flower girls do not have to go out empty-handed. The sneakers are also available in the baby version.

Getting Married in Keds Wedding Sneakers

There is nothing like a nice pair of pumps on this special day. The idea of comfortable wedding sneakers – if only as a backup if your feet hurt too much – is great!

And while ordinary bridal shoes get dusty on the shoestring after the big event, we definitely have a shiny appearance with these sneakers.

However, there is a catch (would be too good to be true): The wedding sneaker collection by Keds and Kate Spade are so far only in the US online store of Keds to buy. We hope that the bridal sneakers will soon be available in Germany as well.

Until then, we have selected for you similar bridal sneaker on