How The Love Planet Affects Your Life In 2018

If that’s not a good sign: 2018 is all about the planet Venus and that stands for love. After a centenary calendar, the Venus Year 2018 begins on 21 March, ends on 20 March 2019 and thus replaces the solar year 2017.

How The Love Planet Affects Your Life
The Venus Year 2018 is all about harmony and love – fabulous, right?

Astrologers associate Venus with love, harmony, beauty and sensual pleasure. The planet influences our lives, especially in these areas.

This is how Venus influences your zodiac and life

According to astrologers, the love planet invites us to reflect on and reflect on values such as materialism, relationships, and partnerships. The power of Venus also makes us more effective in communicating, sharing and listening to our fellow human beings.

For the individual signs of the zodiac Venus makes these changes:

  • Aries: Enthusiasm and easy enthusiasm
  • Taurus: Even more dynamic and sensual
  • Gemini: openness and more contact
  • Cancer: empathy and attention to others and to yourself
  • Lions: optimism and joy
  • Virgo: thoroughness, but also living out intense love
  • Libra: aesthetics and taste are in the foreground
  • Scorpio: temperament and passion increase
  • Sagittarius: generosity and tolerance
  • Capricorn: experience that in turn leads to far-sightedness
  • Aquarius: familiarity, especially with friendships
  • Fish: Commitment and aspiration when it comes to achieving goals


For singles, the desire to finally find a permanent partner in 2018 is even more intense – no wonder, after all, it’s the year of love. If you are already in solid hands, you may long for more closeness and closeness.

Friendship & family

The year of Venus befits the three Vs: reconciliation, forgiveness, and union. The motto is, therefore: talking, talking, talking. In this way, family problems can be clarified, friendships can regain momentum, or new ones can arise in the first place.


Teamwork, pulling together and keeping together is one of the most important factors in our job. As a lone fighter, you will, therefore, have a hard time. Creativity occupies a special place in 2018 and the question of prosperity concerns us.

Actually, the pretty positive outlook for 2018, right?

And in terms of fashion? We reveal which star signs are particularly stylish: