Earthquake Magnitude 7.4 in Mexico. At Least 47 People Have Died

A massive earthquake shook Mexico on Tuesday, being felt in the country’s capital. The balance reached 47 dead.

UPDATE 00:00 The new report shows 47 deaths, according to The Guardian.

Governor Graco Ramirez wrote on Twitter that 42 people died in Morelos and another 5 died in Mexico.

Also, the magnitude was revised to 7.4. The earthquake depth is 51 kilometers.

Dozens of buildings collapsed in several Mexican cities, and policemen, accompanied by specially trained dogs, sought out survivors among the ruins.

UPDATE 23:12 At least 7 people would have lost their lives in the Puebla region of Mexico, where it was the epicenter of the earthquake, the BBC writes.

It is possible in the capital of the country that more people have been caught under a tumultuous building. Twitter also featured pictures from Puebla, which shows how a block collapses.

Collapses one more building in #CDMX; it transcends that there were people inside.

According to the first estimates of the US Geological Survey, the earthquake had the magnitude of 7.1. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Raboso, a town 123 km southeast of the capital city, but residents of Mexico City have been severely affected by an earthquake.

It is not known if they are still victims, but many buildings have been affected. Mexico City Airport suspended all flights. Also, all courses of schools and universities have been suspended. Among the buildings affected is the famous Azteca stadium.

Thousands of people have filled the main boulevards in the capital, blocking traffic completely. Pieces from the facades of the buildings collapsed. At least one building was destroyed.

Earthquake in makes buildings collapse, & brings sad memories of the one from September 19th, 1985. Pray for Mexico!

On Tuesday, the Mexicans commemorated the devastating earthquake of September 19, 1985. The earthquake, magnitude 8, leftover 5,000 dead.

As a result, many Mexicans participated in an anti-seismic exercise when the earthquake occurred

Source: Pro TV