Natural Exfoliating Body + Oatmeal, Lemon Scrub + Sugar Scrub With Coffee

Many times you’ve probably heard about the importance of exfoliating the body, the skin smooth, bright, smooth scrub and rejuvenated. Although skin regenerates natural form every 28 days, due to pollution, chemicals, and toxins, it is better to help you renew, so as to maintain the best condition and finer and brighter without toxins or impurities that affect them.

Although the market there are infinitely many brands offering scrubs with different ingredients and active ingredients, I tell you that exfoliating skin can prepare at home. Exfoliating ingredients are found in the kitchen. Natural products always give best results. This prevents the use of chemicals on the skin, a good idea especially if you have sensitive skin.

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4. Natural Lemon Scrub

Scrub with lemon is an important ally for people who have skin blemishes. Lemon has the ability to open skin gradually diminishing sunspots naturally. The scrub is made with lemon zest, which should be left to dry. When you have the dry race, then stir with a product that allows messages loose.

One of these products is honey, which has antibiotic properties and soothing. You can try the famous coconut oil, which moisturizes the skin. However, this scrub should be used before bedtime, because if we expose ourselves to the sun spots could remain.

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