Oriental Lebanese Makeup: Full Fire On The Charcoal Eyes!

Since Kim Kardashian democratized eastern makeup (also called Lebanese makeup), the entire beauty sphere is in love. In the evening but not that, it focuses on charcoal eyes for a glare of embers … to fall. So to make a Lebanese makeup, The Sugar Styles gives you all the keys.

Tips and tutorial: Oriental makeup will have no secret for you!

Oriental makeup is what?

The Oriental makeup – also called very often Lebanese makeup – is a pretty light, flashy makeup, which when well done, gives an ultra glamorous result.

The goal of the Lebanese makeup?

Give all possible intensity to the look to highlight it.

Oriental style, trendy make-up

Oriental women have always known how to handle the art of make-up as few know how to do it.

As a result, today Oriental make-up has become an unavoidable trend in make-up.

by Kim Kardashian for years and now perfectly democratized, oriental makeup is a style that wants to be sophisticated and structured.

An amber complexion, perfectly defined features, highly worked eyes: nothing is left to chance.

And for good reason.

If you want to achieve it, do not be in a hurry!

What is Oriental Makeup?

The Lebanese makeup stands out on several levels.

Eyes first.

We make a smoky eyes charcoal preferably, or if you prefer colored, opt for very pigmented colors.

Impossible to ignore the black kohl that is used to give depth to the look.

Finally, one sculpts her eyelashes (cheating with false eyelashes) for a “wow” tenfold effect!

On the dye side, contouring is directly inspired by Lebanese makeup.
So if you are an adept of Oriental make-up, you must imperatively work your complexion.

Lebanese makeup: our tutorial

For the smoky eye, bet on dark to degrade.

The more you advance towards the outer corner of the eye, the more you intensify the makeup.

Continue with a thick eyeliner stroke of cat eyes accenting the comma.

Finally, we put on mascara.

Lots of mascara.

For the complexion, you realize a contouring rapid tracing the contours of his face with a foundation dark and light spots with a lighter product.

Tip: always finish your make-up by the complexion, to camouflage the pigments of the blushes that could be deposited on your cheeks.

Finally, we use an eyebrow pencil to redraw them.

But the best is to watch a video tutorial.

Look at it.