Outdoor Clothing Trends For Autumn, Types Of Leather Jackets, Trench Coats

Outdoor clothing between Zara, Mango, and Bershka has held a competition. In this article, I will present the most interesting proposals of these companies in terms of trends regarding clothes outside. The new season will arrive soon and it is good to know what types of leather jackets, trench coats sites or be worn in general.

Apparently, autumn 2016 give us interesting options, given that variety is the taste. We will enjoy all colors and patterns subtle vintage clothing. Outdoor clothing trends relating to rely again on the great successes of previous eras. So, I suggest you do not miss this fashion that will make you love the new season.

Classic outdoor clothing trends

When we talk about clothes outside, in general, there are many options. There is only long clothes , but also jackets. Most companies have already introduced their new collections such clothing. Expects cooler days to make an appearance. Perhaps, after you see the following examples, and you’ll want the same thing.


1. Leather jackets and jeans

There are few things to say about them, given that we know almost everything. Both jackets or motor biker style leather and classic jackets in denim are the main jackets of autumn. The first days of the new season will be dominated by a Timeless style. Of course, there are also new ideas. In this case, it seems that classic print coating, leopard, also can be seen on jackets bolder. A perfect combination to wear with jeans or short skirts or shorts.