The Perfect Wedding Dress For Every Figure

The bridal dress question:

It is the dreaded question that every bride asks herself: which wedding dress should she choose? After all, what looks great in the catalog is not always the best choice for you.

So the first step in the direction of a dream dress is to know your own body shape and to know which bridal gown forms are best for you.

The quote could have come from us! The question of the perfect dress is at the top of a bride’s to-do list. Some have known since childhood how their dream dress on the wedding day should look like. Others have never really thought about it. But when the wedding is around the corner, everyone gets nervous.

Whether it should be long, short, minimal or extravagant – the following rule of thumb applies: The wedding dress should match both the figure and the personality of the bride.

Because: Anyone who never wears a dress in everyday life, but reaches for his wedding day to a huge hoop skirt à la Cinderella, will not only feel uncomfortable but look disguised.

So step 1 is to become clear about what you like – and what suits you.

The most popular wedding dress shapes and who they stand:

Bauschiges princess dress

Look: The Cinderella dress is a popular choice for traditional weddings. One thing is for sure: all flower children present will make big eyes because every little girl dreams about this dress!

Body shape: Since the dress is very voluminous, the waist of the bride should be slim. Otherwise, one acts fast as an oversized cream cake!

Tip: The princess dress gets its volume through hoop skirts that you wear under the dress. This can be very unfamiliar and should definitely be tried before the big day: Above all, practice sitting down and dancing with it !!!

Asymmetric wedding dress

Look: The Vokuhila dress (front short, back long) is the perfect choice for brides who want to put their shoes in the spotlight or have beautiful, long legs.

Body Shape: Asymmetrically cut dresses are exclusively brides with slim legs!

Bridal gown with A-line

Look: The skirt of the wedding dress in A-shape will continue downwards.

Body shape: The A-shape is sometimes the most beneficial: it emphasizes the waist and skilfully cheats away from the continuing skirt shape hips.

Tip: The dress form is especially women with curves and stretches visually!

The columnar skirt

Look: The columnar rock lives up to its name: it is floor-length and fits tightly around the body.

Body shape: women with little hip get more curves through the tight dress. A plus for small, petite women: the long, tight skirt stretches visually!

The mermaid wedding dress

Look: The floor-length skirt of the dress is tight on the thigh. From the knee, he jumps back to the ground.

Body shape: Slender women with sexy curves look stunning in a mermaid dress. Due to the tight fit on the hips and thighs, the eye feature is on the butt. So who has a firm butt and a well-defined waist, may decide without further thought for this dress form.

Tip: Since the dress jumps up from the knee, it visually shortens the legs a bit. So little brides should better choose a shape that stretches!

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