Sahara Noir Fragrance From Tom Ford For Fans Of The East

Yes, of course, Tom Ford Sahara Noir – an ode to frankincense. Most fans and collectors eastern perfume knows that smell, it reminds one tradition of the Middle East, the other – the church singing and the quiet tranquility of the soul. Among the many scents, which pleases us with a generous nature, incense stands out for its mystery and richness. He awakens in us the indescribable feeling – the soul melts with delight, and many of us feel awe, someone repeats the words of the prayer, and someone – poetic lines:

Merging, the smell of incense, flowers,
Fruits and herbs ascends to the Throne
Give praise to the Creator, like the ode…

Fragrance For Lovers Of The East

The very same Tom Ford says that the culture of the Middle East is an extraordinary penchant for luxury, emotional and memorable flavors and aroma Sahara Noir unusually close to him. This fragrance is an interpretation of the Middle East heritage, deep, rich perfume.

Tom Ford chose this flavor as the main focus of incense, which is surrounded by at least a decent suite, including bitter orange, cypress Levant, Jordan and AIR essence labdanum Orpur® (Orpur® – high-quality natural ingredients of the highest purity, developed by Givaudan ).

The result was a deep and intense fragrance that caresses the senses. But then, why his name Sahara Noir?

The history of the use of incense goes back to antiquity. Frankincense – an ingredient highly regarded not only in the East. For centuries it all over the world has been used in religious ceremonies, symbolizing respect and reverence.

And the Eastern Sahara Noir woody fragrance with balsamic and resinous nuances reminiscent of distant lands, of the hot sun of the desert of the Middle East, about the Sahara desert with its hot winds, sometimes has a particularly destructive force. They move at speeds up to 50 m/s, up dust, sand and small rocks, causing the strongest tornadoes and sandstorms. In them lies the mighty power of the desert, stunning and rapid, occurring suddenly.

The advertising campaign Sahara Noir by Tom Ford

Sahara Noir fragrance from Tom Ford

Sahara Noir fragrance inspired by the beauty and splendor of the Middle East, and at the same time, a mysterious force the hot wind of the desert, which is transformed from a gentle breeze to a hurricane…

Eau de parfum Sahara Noir by Tom FordWho knows the region, where the blue sky
Rosy as happiness young,
Where cedar noise and winds grapes,
Where the breeze bearing the aroma,
Under its load on the air rolls,
The edge – the East, the sun side.