Short Haircuts Spring Summer 2018 Proposals for Framesi for Warm Weather

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Short haircuts for spring summer 2018

Framesi offers haircuts that express personality Short Haircuts and individuality pure essence, a factor that especially in modern society is strongly felt.

All this is expressed in the collection “Gender Free”. The haircuts proposed, through a profound acceptance of ‘individual freedom and express why they go to be placed in a central location. where there is no distinction between what is masculine and feminine gender, without denying femininity.

Net lines and soft volumes, both for the cuts that for hairstyles, are complementary and that allows styling that supports the tastes and desires of the moment. The colors are natural and the union that exists between cut and color creates the right balance between sweetness and strength, typically between female and male.

Framesi Short Haircuts Collection Spring Summer

Hairstyle Framesi Spring Summer Collection Gender Free

Travel Collection Attitude

With the collection “Travel Attitude” instead Framesi, she thinks of a sophisticated and cultured woman, and here ‘s 2018 Summer offers hairstyles and haircuts retro-chic allure. As already noted the title of the collection, he sees the proposal as an inspiration, an exploratory trip, an exploration of the early ‘900, where the colonial style is also emphasized by the setting made for the photo shoot.

Punk Short Haircuts for Spring Summer Haircuts CollectionAtmospheres made unique by the warm colors of the landscape and that is mixed with the nuances of shades used to give light to the hair, which together with the styling of the cut create a natural look.

Framesi combing long hair Summer Collection Travel Attitude

For the collection “Travel Attitude”, Italian Style Framesi thought of haircuts precise, where the soft and intense color underlines the ashlar and give the same ease and lightness of movement.

Framesi Proposal Hair Spring Summer

For spring summer 2018 collection offers two Framesi hairstyles spring summer 2018, expressing a strong personality on the one hand and elegance chic hand.

natural and bright colors emphasize more cutting and combing and give the same lightness of movement.

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