Street Style Dresses: The Hottest Trends From The Fashion Week In Milan

Milan Fashion Week for spring 2017 was particularly extravagant, both in terms of future fashion trends and street style dresses with countless inspirations held overwhelming, both on the streets and in podium performances. Already considered by many as the rebirth strong Milan Fashion Week, spring 2017 was actually an ode as one of the forms with most facets of art, with inspirations ranging from styles bon-ton to the inspired years ninety.

As seen in most pictures, feeds our overloaded with fashionistas, bloggers, journalists and editors. Somehow they managed to translate trends, patterns and reasons seen during performances on the track in a street style look, filtering, of course, everything through a lens innate Italian style.


6. Logos

The first thing I noticed during MFW was that almost everyone has submitted logos visible on their clothing, whether it was on a shirt or bag. Logos visible, which were actually invisible for several years, suddenly came back into fashion earlier this year.