9 Stunning Outfits For Coffee! Visit Second-Hand Clothing Stores

Do you want to go for a walk with your boy or your girlfriends and you do not know what to do? Do not worry at all because I found you the 9 most impressive outfits for coffee that will give you ideas according to the latest trends in fashion.

The style has nothing to do with the money you will spend, nor with the new pieces that came out on the market.

Many of the combinations I’ve found contain classic or vintage pieces that you will already have in your wardrobe somewhere, believing that they will no longer serve you.

Tip: Do not hesitate to visit second-hand clothing stores that often hide treasures at very low prices. All you have to do is look well!

Impressive outfits for coffee!

Mauro Floral Jacket

Mauro floral jacket

You can show a simple look with jeans and black boots wearing a leather jacket with details such as geometric patterns or flowers and metallic elements.

Metallic Tones Pleated Skirt

A Thick Bronze Metallic Tones Pleated Skirt

Or you can escape from the multifaceted jeans and pick a piece of the statement like a pleated skirt in metallic tones. Combine it with your favorite T-shirt and black boots.

Bring Back In 90’s

Bring Back In 90's Pants Trousers, T-Shirt And Shoes

Do you want to wear the absolute pants trousers and bring back the 90’s? Choose an earthy hue and play with similar tones on the t-shirt and shoes. An orange sweater would be a perfect choice!

At The Waist

High-Heeled Jeans With Short T-Shirt At The Waist

Do you have a beautiful belly and is the strong point in your body that you want to emphasize? She preferred a simple and trendy look wearing high-heeled jeans and a short t-shirt with a jacket at the waist. You can combine it with ballerinas or booties.

Short Leather

Short Leather Pants With Black Heel Booties

Let’s go a little further back to the golden age of the 70’s. Wear bell short leather pants to combine the vintage with the trendy, and wear your favorite black booties with a heel. From above, shine your look with a shirt in pale shades of flowers and a cloth overcoat.

Denim Skirt

Denim Jacket And Short Denim Skirt

You do not need the jeans to be boring. Try to combine pieces such as a denim jacket and a denim skirt to the knee in different shades. Finish your outfit with a white or red boot statement.


Outfit With White Sweater

The absolute outfits for coffee are the ones that are elegant and comfortable. She wore a pair of pants in a straight line with a sweater in soft shades of white. Combine with ballerinas or greetings that are the absolute Trent.

Straight Pant

Straight Pant With Black Short T-Shirt And High Waist Denim Jacket

If you are tall and want to highlight your feet, wear a tall, straight pant with a simple black short t-shirt and a denim jacket at the waist. Combine your look with black ballerina with a pointed nose and cords.

White Blouse With Light Shades Denim And Booties

The ultimate street look should be elegant and classic for you? She wore a black jacket with a simple white blouse and a denim in light shades. Finish your look with white booties.