The Great Shopping Guide For Transition Jackets Fall Spring 2018 2019

In the term, “transitional jackets” fashion-conscious women quickly put on the hackles. But no worry! The whole thing sounds worse than it really is. Because in the category of so-called transition jackets fall stylish models without which we do not get any intermediate season. Parkas, bomber jackets, leather jackets and light coats keep us warm in the spring and look really cool.

Transition Jackets
Style up 3: These transitional jackets should not be missed in the spring!

Which jacket suits for which occasion and how can you style it modern but also functional? We’ll tell you that in our big TheSugarStyles.Com Guide for Transition Jackets.

Parka jacket suits

Transition Jacket No. 1: Parka

Parkas are casual, practical and can be styled in many ways. However, it must be said that he is more suitable for casual looks. When buying you are spoiled for choice. Whether simple or with applications … the choice is endless. Important when buying is the perfect shade of green. He should not be too bright, or too dark. With a classic “military green” can do no wrong man.

Bomber Jacket

Transition Jacket No. 2: Bomber Jacket

Thank you, dear Air Force, for this great jacket! You’re probably wondering why? Quite simply – the origin of the bomber jacket or even flight jacket called, came from the American military, who wore these jackets as work clothes. In the meantime, bomber jackets are indispensable in any wardrobe and the perfect all-rounder for spring and autumn.

Leather Jacket

Transition jacket No. 3: Leather Jacket

Our all-time favorite: the leather jacket. Whether for a casual hoodie look or a long floral dress … a black leather jacket always fits. And that’s exactly why she should not be missing in our wardrobe this spring. Actually, you can do a lot wrong with a leather jacket – unless you choose the wrong fit or a cheap material.

So beware! Take your time with the purchase and try many models. For here it is said, rather take a little more money in the hand! This piece will accompany you for a long time.

Wool Coat

Transition Jacket No. 4: Lightweight Coat

At the first spring temperatures, we finally pepper the scarf, hat, and gloves in the corner. Now a light wool coat is just the thing. She is an absolute all-rounder and can be styled chic but also totally casual. Again, the fit is crucial!

Do the shoulders sit well?

Nothing on the sleeves?

And the buttons can also close well in front? Then go outside and enjoy the first rays of spring.