5 Ways To Wear Your Sweater With Skirt For The Autumn And The Spring!

So it’s time to wear our favorite sweater. Whether with fine knit or thicker is definitely the favorite part of the winter. The fine knit is that it is necessary for the autumn and the spring as we keep it warm without sweating. Wool sweaters on the other are ideal for the cold winter days.

So how do you wear your favorite sweater to be comfortable and stylish? Combine it with a skirt. Whatever skirt you like fits perfectly with a sweater and with the appropriate accessories and shoes you shape it according to the occasion. And because no look is complete without a coat look also 5 coats you have to have in your winter wardrobe!

How to combine your sweater with a skirt!


5. Sweater with Leather Skirt

A leather skirt is a total nipple outfit. But you have to watch the quality of the skin so it does not look too fake. If you think you can not wear a leather skirt at work you’re wrong. Just pick some as the knee or a little farther away.

Combine it with an oversized sweater either worn from inside or out. Of course, for shoes, you will choose a pair of pockets and a bag some great that suits you to have everything you need. On the other hand, if you want to put your leather sweater skirt on a walk you can combine it with over the knee boots, which is the very good trend this year.