Wedding Dresses Trend 2018: Would You Wear These Extravagant Wedding Dresses?

Extravagant Wedding Dresses
The trend for the wedding dresses 2018 shows: It does not always have to be white.

A dream in white … for many a very clear idea, unimaginable for others. Who also says that a wedding dress must be long and white? Perhaps the tradition, but not always the own taste.

Fortunately, there are always more glamorous wedding dresses, which are at least as beautiful – and really surprise! These five wedding dresses are striking, extravagant and modern. Would you wear it?

Elegant Dresses in Black

The non-color black is often associated with grief. That is why the color of wedding dresses is still uncommon. In the 16th-century black wedding dresses were completely self-evident at the strictly Catholic Spanish court. The trend was quickly picked up across Europe. The neutral color underlined the piety of the wearer.

This color for wedding dresses is slowly becoming a trend again. Black dresses are elegant, fabulous and can look very playful with lace and tulle. Also, sparkling stones and pearl applications are noble.

Ombré Dresses with a Delicate Color Scheme

Ever since the ombré trend in the beauty scene has become an indispensable part, he has also found much appeal in the fashion world. For many “brides-to-be” it is the perfect wedding dress. The delicate color sequence from white to pink, red, blue or green tones is ideal for all who would like to wear a touch of color. Ombré or Dip-Dye are available at different intensity levels, the pastel variant is, however, the most popular.

Short wedding dresses in classic white

It does not always have to be long. Short wedding dresses are almost more exciting and can be playful or sexy and in rockabilly style or vintage charm. Above all, they are wonderfully modern and uncomplicated. Often they are chosen for regular weddings.

The best: The knee-length or long-sleeved dresses put the brackets into the limelight and give plenty of leg-freedom. Perfect for dancing!

Seductive in red

Red is increasingly being married in the signal color. Women in red clothes are self-confident, passionate and courageous. The custom of red wedding dresses comes from Asia. There the color symbolizes joy, happiness, and fertility. Also in Europe, the color is experiencing a big comeback to the wedding. Vera Wang and Oscar de la Rente have already sent their models over the runway in one or other of the red brides.

Soft-Ice colors – delicate dresses in rose

The modern princess marries in delicate rose tones. The designers make it happen: This season, fashion houses such as Chanel, Valentino or Dior pink wedding dresses made of tulle, satin, and lace. This means that the color 2017 is fully up-to-date and will find more followers of the year 2018. Meanwhile, the choice of a wedding dress is more and more often colored. Rosa is clearly the most popular. Because the delicate pastel tone flatters the skin and does not work as hard as pure white.