WINTER WEDDING: 12 Inspirations That Make Their Effect

If weddings with feet in the sand or at least under the sun are fantasizing, some prefer to say yes in winter. Here are some inspirations that should not fail to give ideas to future bride and groom.

A touch of mesh

Frothy, delicate, slightly openwork, ivory or immaculate … In the mesh, we have the choice to warm up her dress or skirt. We play on the harmony of materials and we put on a nice piece knitted, why not in cashmere or mohair.

Why not a hat?

Who said that the cap was reserved for everyday looks? We do not hesitate to play the card of diverted chic with a pattern knit and pompom. The only obligation, choose elegantly and in perfect harmony with the rest of our outfit. Bonnet yes, but no to the ski look!

A bohemian shawl

Nothing is more beautiful on D-day than revealing shoulders and a flattering neckline. And it is not because it is winter that we are not allowed to show a little skin. So we put on the shawl option and its bohemian look. To achieve its effect, we put on a nicely knitted piece, not necessarily tone on tone with his dress and especially that fulfills its function, namely to warm us!

A nod to winter

We adore the delicacy and glamor of this jewel of hair with the plant motif. Like a frosty branch gracefully placed on the bride’s headdress.

Feathers and lace

For those who would not be tempted by the mesh, why not dare to lace (long sleeves) matching a piece feather egrets for example. A duo that does not lack pace, rather effective when the temperature drops.

A frosty manicure

We heal her wedding look in the smallest detail and we adopt the manicure studded glitter as frosted.

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Long dress and well covered shoulders

The good thing about long dresses is that in winter they help to hide thick tights. The more cautious can also cover themselves up by adding for example a small jacket a little short over their dress.

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Better than the snowballs…

They remind the snowballs but in a slightly more glamorous version. These pearls scattered in the hair bring a chic and welcome touch of pearly softness.

Winter sweetness

The less cautious of us can of course if the desire takes them to marry bare legs. In these cases, we advise them to cover the rest well and why not wear comfortable sandals.

Retro charm

We love these strips of rhinestone metal with patterns of stars, lightning, and flakes. Result to fall on a notched blonde hair.

Socks are allowed

We love the delicacy of these tulle socks. Granted, it’s less hot than the alpaca, but it’s still better than being barefoot in her shoes.

Будь модной и яркой 💃🏼

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