Claudie Pierlot, The Kooples, Maje: The Winter’s It-Bags Report Card

Ready-to-wear brands are now references in leather goods. Here are the bags that buzzed in September and we can not separate!

Claudie Pierlot’s Anouck

Mini-bag way, this very elegant bag is the revelation of this return. We love it for its signature ring found on the three versions black, brick and navy. But we like it, especially when it is allied with a printed scarf of the mark specially created to wrap around the handle. Chic to wish!

Claudie Pierlot's Anouck Mini Bag

Anouck, Claudie Pierlot, 245 €.

Our note originality: 9/10 for the mix leather/scarf.

Our note practicality: 7/10, it is big but does not really close!

Maje’s M

A daily companion, this signature bag with fringes on the sides is reinvented every season over trends. During the day, wear it over the shoulder and put on a delicate leather/suede model. In the evening, we adopt the pocket version by holding it in our hands and we let go by betting on a bright color.

Maje's M Signature Bag With Fringes

M quilted, Maje, 225 €.

Our note originality: 10/10 for all models available.

Our note practicality: 6/10, the magnet does not hold when the bag is a little filled …

The Tiger of Sézane

The Sézane shop is never the last to seduce us with its models of bags. After Gaby and Hope, it is now the Tiger that is cracking fashionistas. We love it for its bi-material look, its chain handles or adjustable leather and it’s very chic clasp that makes us turn our heads.

Tiger of Sézane Bag

Tiger, Sézane, € 295.

Our note originality: 8/10, Sézane always so chic.

Our note practicality: 8/10 because we always want to put more in it, but at a moment, it does not close anymore!

The Emily Iconic bag by The Kooples

When Emily Ratajkowski joins The Kooples, here’s what it gives! An extremely chic bag, available in three colors and in two sizes. Daily ally, this accessory is suitable for all our styles of winter.

Kooples Emily Ratajkowski Bag

Emily Iconic, The Kooples, 298 €.

Our note originality: 7/10, the leather and the shape are quite classic

Our note practicality: 9/10, many pockets available and an effective clasp.