30 Design Suggestions for Woman’s Tattoos on the Side!

The very beautiful tattoos point on a woman’s side on the body. Personally, I like it a lot and that is why I have many suggestions for tattoos on the sides. From personal experience I have to tell you that it does not hurt at all – maybe not very much if you are sensitive. The result is wonderful and I think it gives your body a different note.

The tattoos are a jewel on you for it when you decide to do, you need first to be absolutely sure that you want and secondly that the plan you want. Also, role plays and the point you choose to do, so it looks beautiful.

Ideas For Tattoos On The Sides

The Various Tattoos Designs

The nice side with the choice is that you have room to do what you like. From a small drawing under the chest to a whole painting. Some of what you can do is flowers, feathers, some scenery, or even your own design if you want something more specific.

Ideas for female tattoos with flowers!


As I told you the sides from back to back up and down in the middle is the ultimate white canvas to create. Write your favorite phrases, lyrics or even lyrics. Something that reminds you every day how powerful you are and gives you a smile.

Mandala and other special designs

The mandalas have been loved like nothing lately and to tell you my truth I am impressed every time I see them painted under a woman’s chest. They are all so special and so feminine. Of course equally beautiful and especially tattoos are either completely linear, or geometric shapes. It is one of the tattoos that declare the character of the other.

The beautiful female tattoos for the woman’s chest!